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Integrate Marketing is your outsourced marketing department, giving you
the ability to scale up or down as required to meet the marketing requirements
of your business.

Strategic Planning

Robust planning is the backbone of every successful business.  An intimate understanding of where the business is and where it wants to be in the future.

Whilst successful strategic planning focuses on what you should be doing, it is equally as important to understand what you shouldn’t be doing.

Integrate Marketing is skilled in breaking down this process into bite-sized chunks, making the process easy to understand and relatable for anyone involved in the business.

Brand Management

Your brand is much more than your logo.  It is your story, your personality, your essence and so much more.  Integrate Marketing is skilled at being your ‘brand guardian’ and communicating your brand story in an engaging and compelling manner.  We can also assist you with logo development, and guide you with brand rules to ensure consistency of your brand throughout all touchpoints in your business.

Integrate Marketing can also assist with facilitating workshops for brand development in your business.

Media Planning

The media landscape can be difficult and confusing to navigate.

At Integrate, we have years of experience building relationships with local media, and have the ability to develop channel-agnostic plans to suit your business requirements.  We will only present media plans to you that are specific to the project outcome, prevent media wastage and maximum your dollars being invested.  We also take consideration to what is happening offline and in your digital space to result in a fully cohesive campaign.


 Internal communications, external communications and copywriting are intrinsically linked to your marketing strategy, and important in stakeholder management.

You may need a brochure, an email, a direct mail piece, or an entire suite of marketing material.  We make sure these will follow the voice of your brand and are engaging and relevant to your target audience.

At Integrate Marketing, we can manage your communications and content marketing.

Website Planning

A well designed website that delivers an engaging user experience with best practice in mind is invaluable.  The team at Integrate are experienced and skilled at working with you to deliver a website that meets communication and business objectives.

We start with understanding your customer journey and creating user scenarios before we look at your website design and platform suited to your needs.  We work closely with web developers to bring all the elements together and deliver a high performing website.

Our philosophy is to work with you in planned stages to ensure you are kept abreast of the process from start to finish.

Social Media Strategy

Social media marketing, when executed smartly, can be an invaluable tool as part of your marketing strategy.

Adding value, providing inspiration, engaging with customers, and extending your reach are some of the benefits the right social channels can bring to the table.  And an added bonus, is with time and consistency, driving quality enquiry to your business will be delivered.

We are skilled at managing organic and paid social media channels, and understanding the right social channel for your business objectives. Let the team at Integrate Marketing handle this for you

Event Planning

Event planning is an art – at Integrate Marketing we have extensive networks of industry suppliers and contractors we partner with who can ensure your next event ticks every box, ensuring your brand gets the exposure it requires, and leaves guests with a distinctively great flavour!

Email Marketing

We have years of experience in email marketing.

We know how important it is to understand the value in your data, gather insights from it, and segment it.  We craft email marketing plans that ensure the right message is delivered to the right people at the right time.  We work with you to develop email marketing plans that look at broadcast emails (to prospective customers) and triggered emails (to existing customers).

But it doesn’t stop there – we don’t set and forget, we test, monitor, tweak and continue the cycle.

SEO / PPC / Remarketing

Search Engine Optimisation, Google Adwords and Remarketing campaigns are an important part of your digital strategy.

At Integrate, we can recommend the right strategy for you to ensure you are maximising your marketing dollars in this space.  We have partners we work with that are leaders in this space.

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